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posted by TexasBrad (HOUSTON, TX) Jul 21, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

I have always been a COD bum never even acknowledging that any other FPS existed because I was set in my COD ways. One thing you must all know is that the sigle player experieance you get from COD is unmatched and is the best in my opinion. Battlefield BC2 was and has always been a multiplayer game first, meaning they designed the game with massive maps and lots of people playing against eachother in a field of war. I am a Multiplayer kind of guy always comparing myself to other (humans) abilities rather than following some story line that eventually meets in the same place which is to predicitable for me. Anyhow, BBC2 compleatly destroys COD in multiplayer abilities making COD seem like kindergarden and boring as dirt. The level of complexity just from a programing stand point alone is enough to wet my whistle and make me wonder when the next one is comming out. If you like tanks,apachies,hinds,hummers,jeeps,armored cars,bradleys and all the russian variants then BBC2 is your game, you can drive and use every single vechicle in the game. The enviroment is compleatly at the mercy of your distruction you can destroy buildings, houses, barricades,look-out towers, something COD can only dream of and hope they can incorporate in their next installment "black ops". If your a PVP'er then you deserve this game so don't cheat yourself playing COD and wasting your life =D

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MW2's Online Experience Overtaken!

posted by toMsonsLLC (BERWYN, IL) Mar 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

80 out of 100 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I want to say that I never played BC1 other than a demo. So this isn't a very biased review of the game. I hope I can help people "on the fence" on getting Bad Company 2.

The story isn't special (single player), and just like MW2, you shouldn't get this game for the single player aspects. Buy or rent this for the multiplayer, because the single player is rather short (6-8 hours) and unrewarding due to no buildup. It's longer than MW2's, but still, it really will not give you a feeling you are playing a full game. I will say that it's more fun to play BC's campaign (too me) than MW2's. Happens to have more action in it and the environments are fantastic. MW2 doesn't come close to BC2 in terms of destructible scenery and objects (houses, etc..).

Controls: It's very easy to pick up and play. They don't grill you to be annoyed at first, they really took their time to build the controls and the system right and this is the best I've ever experienced in a console FPS game.

Now to the good parts that you should be buying this game for! Yes, the multiplayer. You pretty much choose a class and they have guns and such you can choose/customize from. With classes, they have "perks" which are just extra guns and equipment you earn as you play along (better you do, obviously). This is just like MW2, but these perks also include perks for vehicles which is unique and rather cool/fun to mess around with.

Gameplay: In the game, it's based off of 24 players. Playing this game is different from Modern Warfare 2. For instance, you are pushed more into teamwork based online gameplay which makes this game so great. It's hard to Rambo objectives. While MW2 seems to have people running around endlessly, or hiding in a bush so they don't die. BC2 ditches that mindset with unbelievable online structure, that is easy to understand and fun to play. Their are multiple online modes, so if you like FPS games, this is for you!

OVERALL = 9.2/10 (Great controls, multiplayer; Better than MW2's)

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Not like the rest

posted by mx1080 (BEDFORD, TX) Jul 9, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

28 out of 34 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

There are a few things that make this game different then all the other shooters like the CODS or some other ones. Features like having kits instead of individual guns that you need to get unlocks on. And the fact that in the kits you dont have to have the weapon that is what the kit is for. For instense the Recon kit is for snipers but you can have a shotgun on it instead but still get kills for that kit which makes it a whole lot easier to upgrade and get promoted than in MW2. Pardon me for only talking about the multiplayer but i really only played the multiplater. The Campaign is much like the first, by that i mean that its all objective and shoot and run. Of course the destructo effect is still here from the first one,by destructo i mean you can explode random stuff.

So all in all its a game worthy of buying.

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