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Battlefield 3 comes high hopes

posted by Shoot1st (HOUSTON, MO) Oct 25, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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With Battlefield 3 comes high hopes. Everything that makes the battlefield series great is there. The lighting and textures make the levels seem alive. With foliage to hide behind rooftops and windows to snipe from, to a huge assortment of vehicles to crush your opponents. But were it really shines is the teamwork aspect of the game. If you stick with you team and support them with ammo, healing, suppressing fire, or just good ol breach and clear you become an unstoppable force that will make your rivals regret trying to take your position. Battlefield 3 is the first online shooter to have Dedicated servers No ps3 to ps3 host migration. That in it of itself makes the one time 9.99 pass code if you rent the game worth it. if you buy it you get the code for free. I have followed this series since its inception and love it no its not based on Bad company so the story missions are deeper and not as comical. Rent it play the story missions if you like what you see buy it you wont be disappointed and if not send it back there are tons of games waiting for you on Gamefly

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best shooter of the year (so far at least)

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Oct 28, 2011

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As others have described the campaign is similar in concept to COD Black Ops (flashback sequences). I personally think it is more interesting and better executed than Black Ops. Frankly though you buy a shooter like this for the multi-player.

As one would expect the multi-player delivers well. It is similar to BC2...but some nice enhancements in being able to lay down (sniper friendly), suppression, and enhanced melee.

I play pretty much every shooter (including COD) so this is an accurate assessment. There are a few kinks they need to work out in the multi-player. However, that is nothing new (see almost every AAA release this year). This is the best shooter of the year so far. We'll see how MW3 fairs (I hope it is good).

This is a must rent for a shooter fan although I'd just suggest buy (as you need the online pass anyway for multi-player). As others have said rent from Gamefly (buy at reduced price) and you'll get the case and online pass.

1) enhanced graphics
2) best campaign in a BF game yet (which isn't their strong suit, didn't even used to have one)
3) tighter controls and nifty features like suppression
4) the sound of a BF game is wonderful
5) destruction of environment

1) few minor glitches with multi-player & campaign (nothing as bad as Black Ops or Resistence 3 though)
2) story is nothing new

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Great game.

posted by Cubanoking (MIAMI, FL) Oct 29, 2011

Member since Jan 2007

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Battlefield 3 is an amazing game! I have just bought the online pass and am so ingrained into the game play right now. There is a variety that is refreshing in a first person shooter (such as jest, tanks and jeeps). The online is more tactical based, and teamwork related. Don't treat this as a Call of Duty game, because it is not. Personally I feel it's an improvement on the first person shooter genre as a whole, and it's nice to place a new FPS rather then the same rehashed game we have been playing the past 6 years (COD 4,5 , MW2 and Black Ops). The only part this game falls short is on the story mode, which is very linear and can be frustrating. This however is not a major concern to me because the main appeal of this game is the online. So gear up, strap on your chair and let's met online!

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