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It's all Hype...

posted by Animatrix86 (REDLANDS, CA) Nov 2, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

First off, I feel that which shooter you prefer is pure preference. There's a specific feel and controller layout that I'm used to and although I'm sure some people will like this game, I wasn't feeling it. They made a big deal on the graphics and what things would look like with the separate HD install, but I didn't see anything that I haven't already seen in a shooter. I also felt that the trailers for the game were photo shopped versions of the actual game play footage, but that could of just been me. It seemed to lag a little bit while I was playing too. Also, seeing as how I rented I was subject to EA's online pass if I wanted to play I can't even comment on that. But I can however say that I doubt I'd like a game for it's competitive multiplayer if I wasn't even happy using the controls for it's single player. I give it a 7 because I don't think it was bad, but I was expecting something I haven't already seen before....that didn't happen.

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GF Rating


Good Game

posted by bangurdead (BARNEVELD, NY) Nov 2, 2011

Member since Mar 2010

First off let me start by saying this is not a game for renting if you plane on playing online. But all of those other reviews say that is the reason they give it such a low ratting. Get over it, let me say why. If you dont want to buy this game dont bother complaning about it. Most games are doing it now. But if you buy it used, i would highly recomend paying the extra 10 bucks for playing online, it is where this game shines. Unlinke most games where you can call in a airstrick, in this you can do it yourself. But this brings me to me first problem with online. If you are like me and would rather have a gunfight, dont play RUSH, or CONQUEST. The reason is that there are to many tanks. My 2nd problem is that it is hard to rank up during your first 7 ranks or so. But the good parts are; great graphics, fun gameplay, lots of ranks, many guns and attachments.

Now for the campain.

This is not what i expected after playing thourgh bad company 2. The game has alot of problems [ in the campain that is]. For one example, even when there is 30 other mariens with you the enemy will pick you out of a crowd. This makes it vary hard to play one the hardest difficulty. Onther one is [ This is also a tip] When playing do not try and get a execution! You will not win unless the guy is not shooting at you. I had a moment where i shot a guy, he was on the ground ran over thinking that i could get away with it and of course he teleports over to me and kills me. Also they got rid of one of my favoite things from bad company 2. Unlocking guns for use when ever you want.


This game is much more darker than the bad company instalments. This is not continuing the bad company storie, This is continuing the orginal battlefield from the pc. The game is vary fun but if you want to play online wait for the price to go down. 9/10

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posted by zayzay65 (ELK GROVE, CA) Nov 1, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

I thought this game was really enjoyable, campaign was fun, the online provides a lot of features other shooters did not give such as destructable environment, bipods to help recoil, spawning and the ability to use great vehicles during online. I rented the game so I paid 800 points happily hearing that the online experience was like no other. In my opinion, it was. I did not have a problem with the big maps like most people, spawning was my key in the game.

On the downside the online was very laggy the whole time while I played, it would exit me out of matches that I gained insane amount of points on. I received constant error messages after getting exited saying "EA CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVERS", not being able to go back online, waiting for hours (13 hours one time!) trying to play online again. Paranoid that it was something I did wrong. Overall I really liked the game experiance, but the connection was so bad, the best I could give this game was a 7.

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