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Very Good

Not bad, but not great.

posted by DWolfe3rd (JOPPA, MD) Nov 5, 2011

Member since Jun 2009

I decided to pay the $10 to play online, I've saved enough money by using Gamefly so I figured it wouldn't hurt. It's a lot of fun, but only being able to bring 3 of your friends with you can make the game tough. It's rare to find an entire team working towards the objective. And trying to get people who aren't in your squad to give you ammo or health is a pain, it seems no one pays attention.

If you're an online shooter fan there's a lot you can like about this game. But there's also complaints you'll have. They're the same things we've been complaining about in every shooting game.

I think this is a game you could enjoy for a long time. I'd wait until MW3 gets released and you can read some reviews of that to get a better understanding of which game you'd prefer.

Happy gaming :)

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GF Rating


Very good game some flaws but good

posted by deadgame (CHICO, TX) Nov 5, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

Ok Dice's Battlefield 3 is amazing the frostbite 2 really shines out and so does the best in class in multiplayer! I know you've people say the single player isn't good but hey the Battlefield series wasn't based on singleplayer it was based on multiplayer!!!!! Yeah maybe it's not a great story for example Call of Duty Black Ops is actually like it with the interagation and flashbacks and the present. The multiplayer is awesome I had preordered this game and that was the way to go to get some cool stuff but anyway with 9 new maps and Back to Karkand coming out soon is cool. There is alot of weapons with like 100 unlocks each and dog tags and ribbons and awards plus there is a cool Co-Op Campaign that is based around the singleplayer Campaign. Yes EA is ruining game rentals by making you have an online pass but oh well it doesn't matter you could always by which is what this game is worth a buy. Battlefield 3 gets a 10 out of 10.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by JKBullet (BRISTOL, VA) Nov 4, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I loved the graphics gameplay and even the storyline. What I feel is crazy is having to pay for on-line play. Come on the game is good but not that good.

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