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Arkham Insanity

posted by Viper561 (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) Oct 19, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

Rocksteady returns with possibly the top liscensed game to enter our gaming world. Arkham City is exactly what we have been waiting for this year.

Concept: Continues from where Batman: AA left off where inmates & other foes have risen. However, the scope of Arkham City grows into an open world where Batman & others must traverse into the new home of Gothams vicious criminals. A dark environment that can only be tasked to our Dark Knight.

Graphics: A clean and vast metropolis where you can create your own playground. Batman is ready to go anywhere when needed. Main missions tend to be indoors (specific locations) while side missions can vary from quick fights to timed platforming.

Gameplay: Control scheme is very similar to its original. A free flowing combat system that distinguishes Batman's martial arts to Catwoman's cat like reflexes (no pun intended). Combo timer is quick so you must time attacks & counters carefully. Missions are completed with your own accord and various side missions can be found across the open world of Arkham City, some missions are done in segments that introduces a main villian. The Riddler returns with his patented "?" Hunt to unlock challenges. An unlock system with gadgets by the use of a level system and XP is used - completing challenges & side quests give high XP. Detective mode is similar to the original but certain ones require a combination of thought & common sense. You may choose a silent approach or beat down your enemies senseless. New & returning combos and attacks are unlocked as game progress with addition of XP. Boss fights are interactive in which each one differs from the next (no spoilers sorry!!).

Replay Value: High. Does not have to be beaten on Hard mode for trophies but it does have a new game plus. Extra challenges are seen in the main menu. Catwoman DLC should be played first as it tells the initial story of how Arkham City became the way it is before Batman enters the fray.

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GF Rating


An improvement

posted by dreamgreen (IOWA CITY, IA) Oct 19, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

Although at times seems like a villain mash-up, with way to many villains... it is a very fun and entertaining game. If you liked Arkham Asylum, you will love this game. The game plus play through is the most fun, so play it on normal then do a game plus run though.

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posted by banekrayt (WACO, TX) Oct 19, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

its great. its like Asylum but 10 times better. if you like explorative free roam games then youll love it. the combat is better now that you have cool gadgets to use in combos. the detective portion of the game is better. the riddler puzzles are way cooler now. ive been stumped on so many of them so far but it gives replay value to the game. theres tons of villians in this one. the first had a good chunk of them but now theres even more with better roles too. overall, i give it a 9. i cant bring myself to give a game a 10 because perfection is impossible but this is as good as it gets. definitely a solid buy

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