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Game of the Year (So Far!)

posted by Showtime (TEHACHAPI, CA) Nov 6, 2011

Member since Jan 2006

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

Forget about Battlefield 3, that game is garbage. This is the way a game should be done when you aren't greedy and plan on actually delivering a high-quality product because you truly want to.

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GF Rating

Very Good

pretty decent

posted by twbakerzz (ROANOKE, VA) Nov 3, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

The game overall is a pretty good game, im just really glad i used a service like this to check it out before I went to the store and spent 60 bucks on it because in my opinion there are a lot of games out there that are not worth 60 bucks no matter how good the gameplay is and the story is, and i think this falls under that it..check it out...if you love it then by all means go buy it...there was a guy by the name of duke that had a game out once(or several times) that thousands of people bought and look what careful

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GF Rating


Impossibly Good

posted by RainDragon (MUNFORD, TN) Oct 25, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

A company making their third game has no right at being THIS good at it already. Batman Arkham City takes the essentials of Arkham Asylum and fleshes all of them out in an oddly perfect way. As I was hovering over the "10" button on the rating I kept asking myself if there were anything in the game at all that would make me take it down to a nine... anything at all... and you can see how that went.

Story: Brilliant, and the less you know going in the better. Rather than a random selection of completely unconnected plotlines, each character you meet serves a purpose to the greater narrative of either the main story, or a facet of Batman's personality.

Gameplay: Same basics of Arkham Asylum with a few refinements and changes in order to incorporate more gadgets into freeflow combat. Traversal of the open world becomes second nature after less than a few minutes of dedicated practice (and a couple of missions that help with that), and after a couple of hours you are no longer having to remember which button does what. You'll just know it. Superb.

Content: TONS. The main story will be roughly 30% of your game if you decide to do everything. There are multiple side-missions with amazing villains for you to thwart, and the Riddler outdid himself by putting more than 400 trophies and riddles into the city. There is a new game plus mode that unlocks after your first playthrough. It ups the difficulty slightly by changing enemy types and removing the 'spider-sense' lines that alert you when you can counter an attack. The good thing about this is that the Riddler challenges are shared between games. This makes it easier to snag them all over time.

Several things in game are referring to the inevitable sequel, and to (I believe) DLC. Fans of Hush (such as myself) will be happy to hear Batman, after Hush evades him, say to Oracle: "I'll deal with him tomorrow." Bring on that DLC Rocksteady... or better yet. Make Hush the #1 Villain for the next Arkham.

Get. This.

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