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One of the top games of the year

posted by Elessar_Palan (TEHACHAPI, CA) Oct 23, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

I was very excited to see this game in my mailbox. I had been waiting for this game since Arkham Asylum. I was not disappointed.

This game build on and improves everything that made Arkham Asylum great, and adds a number on new features that make it even better.

First off, the scope of the game is 10 times bigger then the last game. At any one time, you will have your main quest, three or more side quests, and a handful of Riddler challenges staring you in the face.

Speaking of the Riddler Challenges, there are over 400 in the game. You would think that it would be difficult to find them all, but they sneak a clever mechanic into the later part of the game to make it easier. By the time I completed the game, I had only acquired 65 of them.

The story is amazing, with lots of plot twists and secret agendas to keep it interesting. I was definitely not disappointed with the flow of the story, or how it ended. The voice acting is top notch. They use the same actors as in the Animated Series, so its no surprise there.

Graphics are amazing, just like the last game. I love the detail they went into with the Batsuit. As you go through the story, you can see the struggle Batman goes through just by looking at his suit.

This game was awesome. I would recommend anyone who liked the first game should definitely pick this up. Even if you have never even liked Batman, you need to give this a try. As was I, you will not be disappointed.

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GF Rating


Great Game!

posted by DeanMyrsiades (PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA) Oct 23, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Fluid combat, great graphics and sound, beautifully made..... nuff said.

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This game is a masterpiece. It has it all.

posted by Spiffy101 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Oct 23, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

Penguin, Joker, Two-Face, Harley, plenty others you've seen in the trailer and MORE. emphasis on "MORE". because frankly, there has not been a superhero game that has or probably will live up to the bar that Arkham city has raised for them. When i say "Arkham city has it all" I probably mean it. Plus the gameplay is simplistic and fun, yet you still get the feel like you have complete control over batman.

Storywise, the script was written by one of the guys who used to work on Batman: The Animated series, for those who really loved that show. You'll see plenty of references to the series itself.

I haven't played Catwoman at all because it's a rental, but i just might get this game off of steam though, or maybe here from gamefly. used. don't care. technically if i buy it off of gamefly right now, only person who would have used it is me. so win-win.

10/10. because that's the best i can give you.

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