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GF Rating


Good.... No kids allowed to play

posted by gameviewer (WINTER GARDEN, FL) Dec 10, 2012

Member since Oct 2009

I rented this game and it was awesome. By far the best assassins creed there is. You can play with or without blood and things like that which is awesome. But if you younger this is not the game for you. It has the f-word in there multiple times. Lots of sexual content and sexual remarks. I wish those were not in here and that is why i gave it a 7 and not the 10 it deserves.

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GF Rating


Okay...... I guess

posted by ZOMBIEKING117 (AKRON, OH) Dec 7, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

it's not nearly as good as the expectations me and my friends had. It has good animation (for the most part), weird controls at first, and some major technical issues. The lip syncing is HORRENDOUS it made me want to vomit, it doesn't even attempt to get the correct lip movements. Another major issue with the game is the ending, man is it horrible, I won't spoil it but almost all the AC people I have met despised it. Not to mention if you have to turn up the brightness for some reason (I have a projector and cannot see well during the day because of the sunlight) you can't read the subtitles; and it's not just the things you can hear too, it's the important plot that is spoken in a different language that you have to read, so they put the white subtitles to a white or light colored background because well duh. I liked some of the new features and the feel of the game, but it's not as good as the other games by far. Also the online brought some good things but they over complicated it more than it needs to be personally I thought they should have went for the easy to navigate online that AC revelations brought. It's an okay game and is fun I think it's worth at least renting or buying.

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Assassins Creed 3 :(

posted by pseudosober (LEXINGTON, MI) Dec 6, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

What an epic disapointment this game was. The first hour of this game is spent boringly running from cut scene to cut scene. The battle sequences are so easy that a 6 year old could easily slaughter a regiment of solders. With two button presses your character will block an incoming attack and stab and slash your enemy half a dozen times. With way points every ten feet in front of you, you wont have to wonder which direction to go. A fixed camera directly behind your character puts him squarly in the middle of the screen, cutting off most of your view of the surroundings and making camera angles seem jerky when turning corners. The fluidity of movement has gone way down hill. Your character stands straight up even while performing elaborate sword attacks. Even the movement in the cutscenes seems awkward and un-natural. Faces appear to be glossy and hard, with very little movement outside of the mouth area. It would seem that in trying to keep things fresh and updated, the creators have completly changed this game, it no longer feels like an Assassins creed game, but something else entirely. I was a huge fan of the first two titles, but I was only able to stomach this one for a few hours before sending it back. Thank god I used game fly on this one instead of wasting sixty dollars of my own money.

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