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posted by CitiRaven (GRAND CANYON, AZ) Nov 29, 2012

Member since Feb 2009

6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I was surprised that in my first four hours of playing Assassin's Creed III, I didn't set foot in the mocassins of Connor Kenway, the new face of the Assassin Order pictured on the cover. But everything else I experienced was, in a word, stunning.

Minor spoiler alert: You begin the game as Haitham Kenway, in London. Events unfold that lead to Mr. Kenway booking passage to Boston. There is little to do in London or on the ship, but the black and white stoned minigames are a pleasant and riskless distraction.

Colonial-era Boston is beautifully rendered, and while the buildings are a far cry from midieval Rome and Constantinople that fans of the series are no doubt used to, free running, climbing and other movements should be as flawlessly picked up as riding a bike. No hook blade here, sorry. Those checkers-style minigames return here, this time with a few pounds changing hands, as well as slight variations on the rules.

Combat takes a bit to get used to. The timing is much more reactive. Instead of holding down the right trigger to enter a combat stance like in the previous games, you tap the B button to enter your parry stance. From there, you tap B to counter an incoming attack signified by a hollow red triangle above the opponent's head. Action freezes while you decide to (A) disarm the foe, (B) toss the dazed opponent in a given direction, or kill him with (X) a melee weapon or (Y) a ranged weapon. A minor hiccup may be experienced while you figure out the timing, but the new system is much cleaner in practice than the previous one. Blending works the same as in previous games. Approach a bench or a group of citizens to become undetectable. Now you can hide in bushes for the same effect, and there are even mobile hiding places in the form of horse drawn delivery carts.

The scope of ACIII is massive. My first three missions as Haitham took almost four hours to complete, and I know I've barely scratched the surface here. This is definitely one to buy.

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GF Rating


Too many bugs/glitches.

posted by logic90 (FORT WALTON BEACH, FL) Nov 4, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

7 out of 12 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

all the fanboys of the genre say it is great and awesome. sadly they are wrong. there are glitches and bugs everywhere, it really ruins the game. the company rushes to have this game out before the dec 21 2012 prophecy date and clearly lacked proper testing. there are tons and tons of glitches, too many to post, one is the main character has two spikes on his back under his backpack, clearly the makers did not care enough to fix the 3D model and felt it was fine being covered by a backpack, even though the spikes poke out of the backpack. the fighting sequences are bugged out also, put a man on the ground with your hook? want to stab him in the back while he is on the ground? to bad you just kick and stab at him like he was a standing person then you get killed. have an enemy highlighted that you want to hook? too bad! the hook is going to the guy next of the highlighted one! not the big guy with the axe that you have highlighted and need to put down to kill that chops your head off because you hooked the wrong guy. did you throw your huge axe at someone and it got stuck in their head? do you want to quikly grab it from his skull? too bad! you pick up the dead body it was stuck in and get killed. chasing after a guy who stole your treasure map? almost got him! oh wait you fell in the water and are now stuck under a wooden pier bobbing up and down through the wood, or maybe you forgot to slide under fallen wood during that chase and got stuck halfway between it twitching like you are having a seizure. did it take you a long time to clear out a fort? ready to blow up the powder cache, kill the captain and raise the flag! too bad! the game has glitched and wont let you! i guess you will have to reload your last save point and do it again! there are tons more glitches and bugs that make you repeat missions over and over and over until you are ready to throw the controller at the screen. it really is terrible how they killed this game. it needed more testing. terrible

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GF Rating

Very Good

Amazing Game, Too Many Glitches

posted by kwdblade (NAPERVILLE, IL) Nov 17, 2012

Member since Nov 2010

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I would live to give the game a 9 or a 10, but there are just WAAAY too many bugs and glitches for me to give it honestly. If a patch arrives, I might come back and change it.

The game itself is awesome, I especially like the hunting. Moving and assassinating while you go was the feature I wanted the most, and it is there. The storyline is as epic, if not more so, than the other games, and the involvement of Desmond (the modern guy) in more missions of his own was a refreshing change of pace.

But the bugs...oh the bugs. Here are just a few I have encountered.
- Entire blocks of people disappear when you get close to them (some sort of loading problem I assume?)
- People sink into the ground, with only their heads sticking up
- Certain "liberation" missions do not appear on minimap, making completing them a huge pain
- When in the middle of using a longer kill option (such as with the rope dart) and that person dies from another source, your character freezes in place and will not move, forcing a restart
- Dual holsters are not explained, causing confusion (you need too equip 2 DIFFERENT pistols, because if you equip only 1, then the other pistol will disappear shortly after)

These and many more I can't think of right now make a great game only a good one.

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