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Bugs aside, AC3 is an absolute marvel.

posted by Sideshow (JACINTO CITY, TX) Oct 31, 2012

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My biggest gripe with the AC games is that they have always felt a little clunky. The combat was always stiff and the movements didn't flow as well as they could have. However, with the new engine in AC3 all of that has changed. The combat feels so good and I don't think chopping through a group of enemies has ever felt so much more graceful. The new control scheme takes some getting use to but its not to the point where its an uncomfortable transition. The free-running is better than ever as well. With the new gaming engine in AC3 you can climb buildings and navigate from rooftop to rooftop with the gracefulness of a swan. I also should mention that there are some pretty epic ship battle sequences in the game as well.

Aside from that the story line is awesome. The game starts out PAINFULLY slow but the slow start helps to setup the premise for the game. As a History Major, I thought it was pretty cool to see real historical events play out the exact same way I imagined they would when I read about them. I really love seeing how much detail Ubisoft put into AC3. The game also introduces characters that actually grow on you like good ole Samuel Adams which is another big plus in my book.

I haven't touched the MP just yet but that's because I'm having such a good time with how immersive the story is.

There are some bugs here and there throughout the game but its not game-breaking. With the bugs aside this is a game that should not be passed up and its definitely worthy of a GOTY nomination. Its fun, its beautiful, its epic and I definitely don't regret coughing up the $60 for this gem. I know if you give it a shot you won't regret it either.

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posted by Newtin (MERIDEN, CT) Jan 19, 2013

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I normally don't write reviews but this game was so dissapointing to me and it has such an absurd amount of good reviews that I must.

To start...I've absolutely loved the AC series up until this point...I was really looking forward to this release...I possibly set my expecations too high...but this game actually feels like it is a step back from the AC2 Series. I felt like Ubisoft had 2 seperate teams that worked on AC2 and AC3, and the AC3 team almost completely ignored any advanced made by the AC2 team when it came to the combat system, controls, and game features.

Many of the aspects of this game that should have felt entertaining felt more like a chore. The main storyline was terrible...I kept playing hoping it would get better but it never did, I kept going from quest to quest feeling more like I was just doing it to get ti done rather than being excited to see what happens next. The side quests were too easy and were never worth the distance you needed to travel to complete them. This all concluded with an ending that truly made me feel like I wasted my time working for it.

Your character isnt even very likable. He is arrogant and naive...I constantly found myself slapping my forehead saying "REALLY?!" almost every time he interacted with someone. all the othe games your characters outfit fit with the times and you actually blended in with other people. In this game you stick out like a sore thumb...yet its also easier to run around without raising suspicion than it was in the other games. It makes no sense.

The only good features of the game is yes....its quite beautiful. So are many games. So are many THINGS. The ocean combat was another plus to me. I felt it was very innovative. Unfortunately it was a very small part of the game.

If you havent wasted your time playing this game just for the sake of seeing how the story progresses, do yourself a favor and look it up online, you'll suffer the same dissapointment without all the work.

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Above Average

Not as great, but still good

posted by kiki19 (RALEIGH, NC) Feb 12, 2013

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Assassin's Creed 3 fell short of my expectations, however it's still a good game. If this is the first game of the series you play, you'll love it; but if you've been a fan since Altair the game will be missing a lot of elements. The control set-up for free running is pretty much the same, but weapon controls have changed along to only two buttons and the block/disarm/counter have been molded into one button with different options that often don't do what you want. The new controls definitely lost points with me.
Another disappointment was the lackluster main character, Conner. After the cool and collected Altair and the charming yet efficient Ezio, Conner just falls flat and you have a hard time coming around to him, if you manage to at all.
While the locations and Revolutionary War provides for an interesting setting, it becomes a bit boring after awhile. Boston and New York are essentially the same in regards to buildings and the layout. The previous games provided rich and unique locations, but Colonial America just lacks the richness.
Overall it's a decent game but nowhere near as good as it's predecessors.

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