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posted by Ragnar (FARMINGTON, NY) Mar 6, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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Now, i am basing this review on CO-OP, this game is not about the single player even though it is solid and does have a few buggy issues, but they are just too small to take away from the overall exp when playing even when by yourself. So lets begin.

the first thing i noticed about this game before i even got to playing are the graphics, they are amazing, they are highly detailed and crisp and a joy to look at. The voice acting and sound is great, there are some cheesy parts but what game doesent? overall it sounds like a hollywood movie. The controller layout seemed complicated when i first started but it quickly became like second nature.

But now the gameplay...AMAZING! It has the feel of an arcade shooter but trust me if you dont use teamwork, you will get lit up. run and gun just doesent work in this game. but that is ok. you are your partner work like a well oiled machine. with a variety of partner actions like back to back, givin a player a boost over a ledge and ripping a car door off to use as a sheild while your partner follows and shoots. There are many other that i cant fit here. The aggro system is what this game really shines at. where other games have failed this one passed with flying colors. if you got the big gun and distract the enemy, your partner can slip behind lines and take out guys quick and easy.

The weapon upgrade system is one of the funnest ive played with yet. after every mission you earn money to buy awsome upgrades. with so many differnt options to put on each gun and being able to "pimp" out a gun in chrome or gold with engravings the possibilites are endless. And if you make a sick gun, you can hand your gun to your buddy in game and let him try it out.

I havent played much multiplayer because the servers have been buggy but i have played the co-op with a friend. If you love co-op and team work this game is def a must buy. and with supposed new DLC every month, this games lifespan and fan-base will quickly grow.

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Is Army of Two Worth The Time?

posted by NickMonty (West Portsmouth, OH) Mar 10, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

65 out of 76 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

If you're reading this review then you are more than likely looking for a player opinion of Army of Two. The best way to explain this game is that it plays a lot like a mixture between Gears of War and the xbox original game Killswitch. Graphics are very impressive with environments that really drive home the terrorist driven plot. The controls play much like Gears of War with a strong emphasis on taking cover. The cover mechanics work well enough but without having a specific button to activate cover, you may often find yourself being furiously shot at and struggling to get your character to hide behind a wall or barricade. The sounds of the game really shine as each gun has a distinct and accurate sound. The voice acting portrays what you would expect from a game titled Army of Two and the language hits hard with many vulgarities during in-game combat and CGI cutscenes. Above all, the online support for multiplayer team play and 2 player co-op really make this game special. Besides Gears of War and Halo 3, there are no other games that put such a key emphasis on online teamwork. Joining up with a friend to play through the entire campaign really enriches the experience and takes the sense of accomplishment to a whole new level. I strongly recommend renting this game, perhaps even buying, if you want an enjoyable experience that goes above and beyond what most xbox 360 shooters provide.

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Army Of oh Hey

posted by InsaneSir (SOUTH WINDSOR, CT) May 3, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

Graphics: 10
Simply Amazing, The Change from HD To Standard Is wow. You notice how detailed The High Definition is and You still see a great bit of Detail On Standard Televisions. Its Simply amazing, The bullets brushing past your shoulder as you slide into cover, you blindfiring with a sniper and sniping an enemy clear in the face as blood gushes out of his eyesocket, Its a great decent amount of gore experience and if you have a buddy on XBL with the game it's even greater.

Gameplay: 9
CO-OP YEAAAA! This Is Simply awesome I Love This Games Co-op A Bit More Then Gears Of War It's What catches My Spark Of Interest, I Love how you can slide into cover,slide over obstacles,Step jump,pull-up your teammate, parachute,use tactics,as well as drag your teammate across the field of fire when he/she is in great pain.

Sound: 10
Oh My God. The Voice Acting Is Pretty Cool, I Like To Be Able To Hear What My Teammate Is Saying Without Subtitles And The Fact i can understand Them With Out subtitles Is Appealing, I Love How the sound Of Gunfire Explosions And Death Light up Your Television As You sprint To Save Your Teammate,
Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 9/10

Pros: Great Graphics Great Gameplay,Great Fun
Cons: Needs A Team DeathMatch Only Game Mode,As Well as Some Gun Balances Online,Gets Boring Quite Fast. Be Warned.
Overall Comments: A Buy If You Have Friends Who Own

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