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A Great Barrier of Entry

posted by dedalus (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 22, 2012

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Let me just start off by saying: if you are new to the series its probably best for you to pass this one over.

The interface is very complex, even after going through the tutorial you will probably be confused (unless of course you're already familiar with Armored Core).

The gameplay is decent enough if you are in to mech fighting, but the real reason people play this game is for the competition and upgrade system. You can upgrade your mech with money won from battles, that is if you can figure out how to start one. That, however is really all this game has to offer. The graphics are not at all good. At one point there was a close-up on one of the mechs and I was waiting for texture pop-in, but nope. Nothing popped in, the graphics were just that bad.

Personally I regret putting in my Q; now I am going to have to wait a week for turn around because I'm sending the game back today (the day it came).

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Review From AC Rookie

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Mar 21, 2012

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Full disclosure that I've never played Armored Core before. I play tons of games though so I'm not a gaming newbie in general.

Frankly I found the game interface completely confusing and outdated. It seemed like the developer has never played a modern game and had no grasp of usability.

I couldn't get into free play matches.... I joined a team and it said to rendezvous to join the team... I pushed rendezvous with the team and it said it was full.... It was an utterly confusing and frustrating mess.

When you first start up the game it shows some cutscenes and then gives you a tutorial. I played the tutorial and found the graphics to be last gen quality. The gameplay otherwise felt okay. I'm not a big mech fan in general and now completely wished I had skipped this rental altogether.

1) I've got nothing....however, if you've played the series you will probably be just fine.

1) PS2 quality graphics
2) game interface was written by someone with no sense of usability and a masters degree in obfuscation

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posted by jambice (EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ) Feb 23, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Very boring, i didn't even order this and gamefly still wasted a week of my membership, even after I spoke with their reps, they would not help me in any way, "just put it back in the mail when oyu recieve it", DISPLEASED!!!
"Amored Core: For Answer" was my real choice..

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