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Above Average

Good, but not great

posted by AZCutter77 (SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ) Mar 12, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

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Not sure what people were expecting with all the negative reviews. Yes, this game could have been amazing, they had plenty of time and resources to knock this out of the park. While that didn't happen, this is certainly not as bad as the reviews show.

The graphics are okay, better than Doom 3. The voice acting is good. The weapons have some okay upgrades, the "smart-guns" are awesome. The only real issue I had was with the mediocre AI of your teammates. They tend to get stuck in corners or in doorways until you get far enough away that they re-appear right next to you. Also, a cover system could have helped some of the battles when you're outnumbered and out gunned.

Bottom line: Worth Renting for a weekend of Alien shooter fun

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GF Rating


Biggest letdown of 2013

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Feb 18, 2013

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Wow, if there ever was a bigger disappointment in recent video game development, I haven't heard of it. Aliens CM is hot pile of rotting garbage, and it does no justice to how amazing the movie franchise is and still can be. The only one thing it got right was the unique sound of the pulse rifle that the early Alien movies pioneered.

It really isn't Gearbox's fault, as this game changed the hands of like 5 different studios. Each of those studios shares blame for this horrendous game, and I feel TERRIBLE for all the people who pre-ordered Aliens, only to be harshly taken to the cleaners for a cool $65.

Aliens is so buggy and glitchy in itself, that the horrible graphics, sound, story, campaign, gameplay, online play, and everything else just add to the pile of hot garbage that this game represents.

Graphics have been ported from what looks like original Xbox quality, comparable to Halo Combat Evolved. It's laggy and blurry, and texture distortion and smearing is just silly. Sound is terrible, sporting generic voice acting with a 1 song soundtrack on repeat. The story (part of why Aliens is so amazing) is non-existent, and that should be a cornerstone of anything Alien-related. Gameplay is so buggy and non responsive; guns sound muffled and all the same; no cover system or really any unique gamplay aspect whatsoever. Not fun.

To cap it all off, they couldn't even re-create the alien xenomorphs accurately. They are slow, dumb, and often can get glitched out on their own. They are hardly powerful and usually do nothing but run straight at you. This game was a BREEZE to plow through on the highest difficulty level, without breaking a sweat. Even the boss battles were a joke. Aliens should be focused on tight corridors, aliens popping from vents, and more of a Dead Space type feeling...not anything this was. I hate to say...but I wouldn't waste a minute playing this game, because you will only be let down.

Milt Drucker

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Poor Effort on a Great Franchise

posted by HavocAndMalice (LAKELAND, FL) Apr 21, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I really tried to like this game. I tried to sit through its single player and multiplayer many times. In the end it was like being spoon fed vomit.

Lets start with the graphics. In short, they are ugly. I've seen better visuals in games with a fraction of the budget. They are extremely muddy and under polished. This game makes AVP (2010) look like a game that pushed the systems limitations.

Now on to controls. The controls are clunky. You will notice soon after you start playing that your character gets hung on the environment on a regular basis. This is also true with the AI enemies.

The multiplayer leaves something to be desired. Although I did like the notification of XP awarded when you get a kill, unseen in AVP (2010). That was about it. It did try a nice approach however, in forcing all players to play both sides (Aliens and Marines) in a single match which consisted of two rounds. However, the implementation of a third person view for the aliens caused more problems than it solved. I would have rather dealt with being a little disoriented. Playing as the marine was nothing short of call of duty. Playing as the alien was frustrating. Most of the melee attacks afforded by the Xenomorphs is poorly executed. They stop moving to attack, even a tail whip/impale, they stand up from the crawling position, making yourself an easy target. Also, since being in the third person, makes judging distance in the heat of battle, difficult. Wall crawling is rewarding, but the frustration due to clunky controls and the random chance that sometimes the controls reverse while playing the xenos when you are crawling up the walls makes it just as rewarding to stay on the ground and run head on into gun fire watching your insides explode into in to green burning goodness.

The single player was boring, I actually fell asleep at one point with controller in hand. The story is a slap in the face to fans of the franchise. Did they actually think we had not seen the film?

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