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Really Bad

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

posted by VampireJoe (PAW PAW, MI) Mar 1, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

I'm glad I rented this game, because Gearbox were lazy jerking off while making this game. This game took like what? Under 5 years to make?!?! So, the gameplay is just bland and the hitmarkers are just weird. The storyline takes place after the movie "Aliens" and it's an ok storyline to take place after Aliens (the movie) The graphics, oh gosh, the graphics are like playing a Wii game on a PS3 System, Seriously?!?!?! 2013 and developers are this lazy?!?! The game is also buggy and is just really terrible. But with the customization with guns, attachments and more can make the gun whatever you want so that's nice what Gearbox did. The multiplayer is decent, you have TDM, Extermination, Survivor and Escape. You can pick Xeno's between Solider, Spitter and Lurker. The multiplayer is actually fun and can make you rage a bit, but it's actually better then Campaign. So, what I think about this game is about a 2/10.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Don't waste your time.

posted by mat5653 (BOISE, ID) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

I rented this game thinking that it was actually going to be quality entertainment. Somewhat like cod with decent graphics and gameplay, put into an Alien universe. I mean, coming after that older AvP game with 3 campaigns, it'd have to top the latest edition of the closest type of game. Though how wrong i was..
~The graphics would be 'good' on the ps2. They're a downright joke on the ps3.
~Entire story is literally a rehash of 1 type of mission in most games, with the Alien story nonexistent. Many parts were really actually humorous when they were supposed to be the most dramatic and sad moments in the game.
~Upgrading system is useless. I played on the hardest difficulty my first & only play-through; didn't need anything.
~Animations are horrible. I don't remember Aliens primarily running on two feet everywhere they went; nor sliding on the ground. It's very glitchy, especially in multiplayer -- you cant even tell what's happening sometimes.
~Team AI is an idiot, not to mention downright useless. Has smart gun (auto-lock mini gun) yet sprays into 1 enemy for a minute before he kills it, while it takes you 4 shots. He also constantly walks right in front of you while you're shooting.
~Bosses are mediocre, repetitive, & not creative at all. Dont even get me started on the final boss.
And soo much more..
The only good things were the challenges, trophies/achievements, and the existence of collectibles. Those are the oonly reasons I even bothered to complete the game. I couldn't wait to get it over with otherwise.
I honestly don't understand how people are giving the game such a good rating. It takes a lot from the original Aliens, which many hardcore fans of the series will appreciate; but that's not something to rate it highly for. Coming from Gearbox, Duke Nukem Forever was more enjoyable than this; and that's sad.

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GF Rating


Game is about 25 years late

posted by TLKMcc (CANTON, GA) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Since the Aliens movie came out in 1986, a lot of the appeal has been lost. Had this game come out closer to the movie, it would have been a better hit.

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