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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King? Why'd you Steal our Garbage?


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GF Rating


Fetch Quest made into Game

posted by OneLastSpartan (ROUND LAKE, IL) Jan 23, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

No cool moves. No cool music. No cool dialog. This game tries to copy the games of old but fails. The whole game is literally back tracking talking to flat NPC charters that have to much dialog that say nothing of interest. The graphics are very lame, the dungeons are simple. If you like walking back and forth between extremely boring mini levels over and over again then enjoy this game. Let me just go grab a piece of paper then bring it to a guy then bring it back to the original guy. That's all the quests in the game.

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Great game, but too complicated for kids

posted by tricadecaphobia (TAMPA, FL) Jan 1, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This game is awesome. I got it as an early christmas present. It stumped me on some parts, and I had to look to the internet for help. It is set up like an RPG, so there's a lot of backtracking (more backtracking than I expected). Great for a teenager or adult who loves the show, but I think it will frustrate kids.

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Very Good

Adventure Time: Link and LSP's Lovechild

posted by GameMonkey27 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Dec 9, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Let's be honest: nobody expected this game to be good. Like, at all. We were expecting another nintendo portable adventure of toilet level quality. But, surprisingly, this game is actually one of the best 3ds games ive played. Even better than RE: Revelations (dont sue me).
Sound: The music in this game is very good. It is Zelda like lullaby tunes with a rock n roll flair. Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio reprise their roles as Finn and Jake, and deliver a solid, hilarious performance. 9
Gameplay: Think Zelda 2s sidescrolling, but good. Lots of entertaining boss fights and enemies. But a LOT of backtracking. This takes away from the experience a bit. This game is also very short (roughly 6 hours, by my count), so not worth full price here. 7.5
Graphics: Cartoony and stylized, perfect to fit the show's background. Vibrant colors help in portraying a happy world that needs to be saved. 9
Writing: Light on story, heavy on characters and humor. Almost every major character can be found somewhere and is worked into the story and gameplay. But, as i said in order to make this game longer, they could have spread these characters out more and made the game longer. Maybe in the sequel. Banter between Ice King & Finn & Jake is funny, captalizing on what has made the series so successful. Perfect for any Adventure Time fan. 8.5
This game is definitely worth the rent if you are interested ina good side-scrolling, action/adventure-rpg with platformer and puzzler elements, and is perfect for a fan of the series. 8.5

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