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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King? Why'd you Steal our Garbage?


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Adventure Time 3DS Review

posted by tr89 (WAYLAND, NY) May 15, 2013

Member since May 2013

I've been loosely following the show for a while so I wanted to try out the game. So, starting off with game play, I find it rather similar to Zelda II, with the over-head world with side scrolling towns and dungeons. I thought it wasn't too bad. The over-world was a little sparsely decorated at times, but it's style fit with the show. The side scrolling portions seemed to have a bit of loose control, which threw some jumps off. Not so much to detract from the quality, but it took some getting used to. Some of the boss fights were too easy. They're supposed to be bosses. They took more hits but sometimes less strategy than regular enemies. I did like the inventory system. Being able to combine certain items for a greater or altered effect was nice. It expanded the uses of weaker early-game items. Graphics-wise, there's not much point to using the 3D visuals. It's main portions are 2-d, so it seems more like a pop-up book than actual 3d. Again, character design fit in with the cartoon, which brought some laughs. Item names referenced the show quite a bit, even bringing back recollections of specific episodes. Over-all, it's a fairly entertaining game, but not a must have. It's certainly worth trying, especially for Adventure Tim fans.

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So short

posted by battlemouth (FRAMINGHAM, MA) Feb 28, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Fun game but crazy short. I finished the whole game in 5 hours. I guess you could always do a new game + after. Glad I rented it through here rather than paying for it.

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What Time Is It?

posted by CurtTheHero (UPLAND, CA) Feb 25, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Not the most engaging story or outstanding game play but it gets the job done through sheer charm and nostalgia. If you're a fan of adventure time, this is a perfect little in between rental. It features several of the characters seen throughout the series that maintain their charm. AT:HIKWYSOG is a love letter to older games such as Mario and Zelda that's set in the wondrous Land of Ooo. If you're not a fan of the TV series, you may not get the full value from the game but it's an enjoyable experience and a solid rent that lasts about 6-8 hours.
(Recommended For: Fans of the Adventure Time series, Fans of retro games)

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